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Changeling  designer Maria Jones creates bespoke corsetry, bridal wear & costume using sustainable materials, without compromising on design or luxury quality.  Each piece is individually designed, handmade & hand embellished in Ireland by Maria to ensure utmost attention to detail.  Design inspiration is taken from a variety of sources, including, nature, history and legend.

Maria received her BA in Fashion Design  from Limerick School of Art and Design. She has since worked in a number of related areas including as a costume maker at Cork Opera House, as well as creating bespoke commissions for evening/bridal wear and historical costume.

Changeling is located in Cobh, Co. Cork, Ireland and consultations/fittings are by appointment only.  Due to covid-19 consultations may be carried out via email and fittings may be conducted remotely or in person with appropriate social distancing measures in place.  Please contact me or email for more information. 



All pieces are created using sustainable materials wherever possible.  This ranges from using fabrics such as organic cottons & linen, peace silk etc. to vintage trims, reclaimed and recycled materials, natural dyes and using high quality recycled thread. 

A popular boning material for many corset makers today is synthetic (plastic) whalebone, made to reproduce the characteristics of baleen seen in historical corsets.  For my corsets, boned gowns and bodices, I choose instead to use steel boning, which was also used during the Victorian era.  Not only is steel durable and infinitely recyclable, but much of the steel produced today already comes from recycled sources.

As far as I'm aware I am the only active corsetmaker specialising in sustainable corsetry!

Please note that not all pieces seen on this website have been made using sustainable materials, as many were created before making the decision to work with sustainable materials.  For a good example of a garmentts made using sustainable materials, please see Persephone

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