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Whether you are a tightlacer, a burlesque performer, a casual corset wearer looking for a corset for a special occasion, or you've always wanted a curvy Victorian corset or 18th century inspired stays I can help make your corsetry dreams a reality, and all using sustainable materials!  (most of the corsets shown below have been made using organic or recycled fabrics, or leftover fabric scraps) To my knowledge, I am the only active corsetmaker specialising in sustainable corsetry!

Choosing a bespoke or made to measure corset means you get a corset that fits and flatters perfectly, no matter your size or shape.  

Selected strength fabrics and construction will vary depending on the needs of each corset and client, and all of my corsets (apart from historically accurate stays which may be boned with reed etc.) are boned with high quality steel boning, patterned and stitched precisely & with attention to detail.

Whether you are looking for a simple underbust corset or something more extravagant, we will work together to create a custom design to suit your needs & taste.  To begin the design process, I will usually ask clients to create a pinterest board for inspiration, or to come to me with a theme or mood in mind. This can be as simple as a silhouette, fabric or colour scheme, a previous piece from my collections, or as detailed & imaginative as you'd like.

Complete custom/bespoke which includes toile/mock up fittings is recommended for all corsets to ensure a perfect fit.

Measurements and fittings will preferably take place in person but may also be conducted remotely*

Bespoke Corsets begin at €450
Bespoke corset/skirt ensembles including bridal, and fully corseted gowns start from €1200 & range to €6000+
The above prices are provided as a guide only, pricing will vary depending on design, fabric and embellishments.
*Due to covid-19 consultations may be carried out via email and fittings may be conducted remotely or in person with appropriate social distancing measures in place.  Please contact me or email for more information. 


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